Warm up this winter with these hot, delicious, and spicy Mediterranean dishes paired with Garnacha wine! The boldness of these dishes makes them perfect companions that highlight the flavor of rich and savory Garnacha wines.


Winter is the perfect time to experiment with seafood. This recipe of Scallops with roasted catalan sauce will wow your guests and make you their favorite host. A concoction of ñora chilli peppers with pimentón paprika, this dish is the ideal meal to warm you up on a cold winter eve. For a colorful, flavorful escape on a dreary winter day, pair this dish with a firm yet polished Garnacha red wine. The aromatic tangy flavors of Garnacha white wines superbly complement the layered spices in the dish.


The weather may be cold and frosty but your meals should not be. This Beef tenderloin with a confit of piquillo peppers will definitely spice things up. Marinate overnight with the sauce of piquillo peppers and cook till the tenderloin is tender enough to melt in your mouth. For the perfect Mediterranean spicy meal, pair this dish with a bold and decadent Garnacha red wine.

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The Canelones Rellenos dish offers a unique twist with a distinct use of fresh, earthy herbs and sherry. Popular all-year-round, this dish is especially celebrated during the winter months when cold weather makes going out to eat difficult. Pair it with a crisp and supple Garnacha wine for an amazing winter meal that is sure to keep you warm and cozy.