Here are three perfect recipes to pair with the most versatile wine out there—Garnacha wine! Bold reds, smooth whites, and tangy rosés mean whatever your preference, Garnacha is a wine for every dish, a flavor for every mood.

Red Garnacha

Versatile Garnacha—chorizo stuffed peppersThis Chorizo and Cornbread Stuffed Mini Peppers is the trifecta of appetizers: simple, gorgeous, and delicious. Sweet baby bell peppers are stuffed with smoky chorizo and spicy pepper jack cheese and then baked to perfection. Pair with polished Garnacha reds that are known for their fruity-forward and full-bodied spicy finishes and the combined flavors will dance on your taste buds! Recipe by Honest Cooking.

White Garnacha

Versatile Garnacha—Gambas al AjilloGarnacha whites, made from Garnacha blanc grapes, are superb wines of character and balance. Soft and velvety tannin of Garnacha blanc grapes lead to a deliciously smooth-bodied wine that pairs perfectly with Shrimp Toasts with White Wine Sauce. Buttery shrimp and mushrooms are cooked in a creamy Garnacha white wine sauce and served on toast points for a flavorful meal perfect with Garnacha white wine. Recipe by Honest Cooking.

Rosé Garnacha

Versatile Garnacha—chicken baravas Sharp colored, tangy flavored, and with the right amount of sweetness, Garnacha rosés are refreshing yet very food friendly. For a rosé of such character, you need a recipe with an equally decadent gusto—enter: Chicken in Bravas Sauce. Tangy, salty, and sweet with a hint of spice, this mouthwatering Spanish recipe will turn every dinner into a gourmet meal at home. Pair with an elegant Garnacha rosé for the perfect fiesta!