Summer sunshine and late sunsets makes everyone long for outdoor entertaining. Nothing beats the joy of relaxing with good friends, delicious food, and a refreshing drink.

Group Of Happy Young People Enjoying Outdoor Summer Meal Giving A Toast

But what wine should you bring to ensure you’re the favorite at beach side days, perfect picnics or festive backyard barbecues? What bottle should you suggest to order to wow your friends at roof top happy hours?

Garnacha Whites

Garnacha whites have a surprisingly full richness and a complex spice profile with hints of nutmeg that make it perfect for both indulgent sipping and a serious food pairing. One taste evokes crisp summer evenings after warm relaxing days, with flavor notes of “pears and cider, golden raisins and sage”. Serve with an herb-rubbed chicken or pork chops with apples to highlight the complex flavor notes. (Serious Eats)

charcoal grilled chicken kebabs with lime and parsley

Garnacha Rosé

Prefer something a bit sweeter and fruiter? Garnacha rosés have nuanced and crisp flavors—strawberry and raspberry with hints of cucumber, watermelon candy, and lemonade. A sip of a Garnacha rosé usually kicks off with a punch of sweet berry fruit tastes, mellowing into a zippy “lemon-like acidity”. (Winefolly) These unusual flavor notes make it perfect to pair with complex and robustly flavored dishes, from tacos with fruit salsa or crispy skin salmon to spicy chicken kebabs, fresh off the grill.

Homemade Baja Fish Tacos with Mango Salsa and Chips

Whether white or rosé, Garnacha has you covered to entertain and party in style. So grab your glass, uncork a bottle, and say cheers to summer!

Two glasses with white wine against beautiful sunset setting.