Garnacha. It is the hottest wine grape out there right now. Wine enthusiasts from across the world are discovering this hidden gem and loving it. Master Sommelier Andrea Robinson says, “Garnacha is under promising and over delivering in terms of taste.” Now everyone is looking at Garnacha and seeing its true potential as one of the best grapes for winemaking… Garnacha might just be the Grape of the Year.

The Spanish Garnacha grape is known for its versatility and strength—any grape that can withstand the forces of nature is a rare breed. It blossoms under the hot, dry and windy conditions of the Mediterranean by the Spanish coast. This growing climate comes with its own perks: Garnacha grapes ripen late into the year after soaking up the sunlight, creating a superb concentration of flavors and aromas deep in the wines. As a result, the flavor versatility allows for many pairing options. Whether you are enjoying the perfect burger or exploring exotic dishes with woodsy, aromatic spices, Garnacha is a wine of all seasons and all types of food.

Garnacha - Grape of the year

Don’t just take it from us, listen to the experts. 92% of US wine industry professionals voted Garnacha as the most promising grape of the year[1]. Why? Garnacha has something everyone looks for in a wine: taste and quality that exceeds price expectations. Garnacha delivers—many of the highly regarded Garnacha wines have a reasonable price point! Well known wine expert Randall Grahm of Bonny Doon Vineyards, writes, “For me, Garnacha has been a bit like the proverbial girl next door. Has taken years to work out how beautiful she is.”

Garnacha - Grape of the year

Garnacha grape is experiencing a golden age as more and more sommeliers and consumers tire of conventional wines and seek something more adaptable and unique. Although the experts agree on its potential, we invite you to try wine from Garnacha for yourself—let us know what your thoughts on Facebook and Twitter. We invite you to make Garnacha Grape of Your Year!

[1] The Next Great Grape Survey by Wine Opinions. January 2015. Page 6.