D.O. Campo de Borja is known as “The Empire of Garnacha”. It was the first to explore and fully develop the concept of modern varietal Garnacha wines, and produces some of the most renowned examples in the world. This D.O. also has a picturesque wine route for visitors. It covers 3,614 hectares of vineyards with 55% devoted to Garnacha and 50% vineyards that are between 10-50 years old. The region produces three distinct styles of wine, depending on the elevation of the vineyards:

  • Wines from 350 to 450 meters of elevation grow on dark limestone soils. They are potent and aromatic
  • The “Middle” (450 to 550 meters elevation) with more exposure to the sun, produce complex, fleshy and intense wines
  • From 550 to 700 meters, in the foothills of the Moncayo Mountains, the wines are elegant and subtle