D.O. Calatayud is known for its high altitude, rugged terrain, and a rich variety of soils. These impressive natural conditions produce a diversity of high quality Garnacha wines. Calatayud achieved D.O. status in 1989. It contains 16 wineries, encompassing 3,200 hectares, 60% of which are planted with Garnacha. The region’s high altitude (most vineyards are between 800 and 900 meters) produces grapes with thick skins, so no blending is needed to add color. Almost constant wind keeps the vines dry and healthy. Cool nights mitigate the effects of hot days, so grapes ripen slowly, preserving acidity. Harvests here can be among the latest in Europe. The hilly terrain, small parcels and old vines mean that 80% of the harvesting is done by hand. The wines of Calatayud are concentrated, with fresh acidity and excellent potential for aging.